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Island Apache Strike 3D


Take charge of your Apache Helicopter to fight with the rivalry forces approaching your homeland by breaching the naval defense lines. The Specialized naval forces of enemies have attacked through their monstrous battleships. The intense shooting from these modern era weapons loaded on the Gunships have created havoc and a dangerous aerial-naval warfare has begun.Assaulting troops of Enemies have taken position on the harbor. The intense shooting has created mass destruction in your homeland. The Battleships, Tanks, Turrets, Jeeps and Air craft warriors are your strategic targets. Your duty is to kill and destroy each and every type of opponent force. Brace yourself and get ready to eliminate the savage forces.
Fly in your military copter to target the enemies with guided missiles and rocket launchers. Protect your copter from the strikes, bombardments and deadly air attacks of your enemies. Win this Deadliest Gunship Copter Battle to protect your homeland!
Intense Copter Warship Battle!Challenging Missions!Variety of Land and Naval Enemies!Amazing 3D Graphics!Realistic Explosive Sounds !